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About Hsin Tien

    Winter 2019, Hsien Tien Psychological Counselling Clinic was founded, an old banyan tree waited peacefully at Hsien Tien’s yard that surrounding with fresh greenery and, sometimes you can hear the bird whistling. In this crowded city, Hsien Tien will accompany you by providing counselling profession and a quiet space to help you go through your life when you need to take a break and rest for the inner peace.

What is counseling?

    In our life, we all have the moments that dealing with difficulties or hesitation, counselling plays an important role as counselling will provide appropriate and personalized professional counselling session based on your life situation. Counsellor with professional training will accompany you in discovering yourself, gain epiphany and gain the power for changing.

Professional services

    Everyone is dealing with their own issues throughout their lifetime. Based on the individuals with different needs, Hsin Tien’s team also familiar with different kind of issues, such as child sand tray therapy, elderly counselling and activities, career counselling, support for teachers, family therapy, workplace counselling, and assists women return to work.

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